What kind of company is Polaris3D?


A convenient world made by creative people


About Polaris3D

It is a startup company established in February 2018 by three people from the Department of Creative IT Engineering who shared their vision of creating a convenient world for creative people.

Polaris3D is researching autonomous driving solutions based on SLAM technology and developing and supplying related products including application platforms.

We succeeded in developing the world's smallest autonomous driving module that allows robots to have autonomous driving functions just by simply attaching them regardless of the shape and purpose of the robot.

Recently, we have exhibited new products at theConsumer Electronics Show for the second consecutive year, and at the request of Shinsegae I&C, we introduced the E-mart Shelf Scanning Robot at EuroShop2020, the world's largest retail exhibition.

In addition, we are currently developing autonomous driving platforms for various purposes in collaboration with various companies and research institutes.

A star that has been a guide to navigators and travelers for the past 2,000 years.

The name Polaris contains the desire to be a guide to autonomous driving technology.

The core of the robot's autonomous driving is the technology to create a precise map and measure its position on the map. However, expensive sensors are essential to find precise locations.

Polaris3D offers precise autonomous driving solutions in a variety of fields and dreams of new development in the world.


Our core competitiveness comes from the following three things


miniaturization & modularization know-how

internalized core technology for autonomous driving

Wide versatility and compatibility applicable to various industries

We keep improving


  • 01 Polaris3D Autonomous Disinfection Robot ‘Puris’ Open
  • 04 KODIT’s first penguin selection
  • 06 Polaris3D Autonomous Navigating Solution ‘KEPLER S’ release
  • 01 CES 2020 Out of Stock Plug-in (Application platform) exhibited
  • 02 Invited EUROSHOP 2020 with SHINSEGAE I&C
  • 06 Conduct joint research and development projects with ETRI
  • 07 ESSR (Emart Shelf Scanning Robot) agreement with e-mart
  • 10 AI-based surveillance diagnostic robot development contract with KEPCO KDN
  • 11 E-mart floor plan technology development agreement
  • 01 CES 2019 ANS (Indoor Autonomous Navigating Solution) exhibited
  • 02 Smart Venture Campus Battle Demo 300 Excellence Award
  • 05 Enlight Ventures Follow-on investment, Establish Corporate research institute
  • 06 Attracted investment from Postech holdings, KODIT 4.0 Startup Competition 4th Industrial Revolution Excellence Award
  • 07 Acquired venture business certification from Korean Venture Capital Association
  • 08 Indoor autonomous driving technology cooperation agreement with e-mart
  • 09 Shelf-Scanning technology cooperation agreement with SoluM
  • 10 Selected of TIPS (Tech Incubator Program for Start-up)
  • 02 Established Polaris3D Co., Ltd.
  • 04 Selected as a tenant company of POSCO Pohang CCEI
  • 05 Selected as Smart Venture Campus by Ministry of SMEs and Startups
  • 10 Gyeongbuk CCEI selected as G-Star Dreamer and attracted investment
  • 11 Attracted angel investment from Enlight Ventures