P8650 Carrier Board (w/o Jetson)


The P8650 Carrier Board Included On The ANS(Autonomous Navigating Solution), Has High-Spec IMU, Barometer, Magnetometer, And Stereo Camera, Users Do Not Have To Synchronize Sensors. P8650 Carrier Board Includes Time Synchronization Library Between The Sensors. MEMS IMU Included In P8650 Carrier Board Has The Same High Performance As The Latest Pixhawk 3 And 4. You Can Add Sensors Such As LiDAR If You Want. Apply The P8650 Carrier Board To Develop Your Own Application!! 

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Jetson 3.1 Support for the TX2

NVIDIA TX2 has 6 core ARM processor and 1TFLOPS of GPU. 

Due to its GPU, it enables high speed processing of the key of image algorithm-optical flow and stereo matching.

Also, it enables deep learning of real-time (above 30 fps) one shot detection through NVIDIA TensorRT for understanding surrounding environment.

Furthermore, ongoing support from Polaris3D ensures variety of algorithm for autonomous navigation with the carrier board


Time Synchronization

Time synchronization between sensors is essential to applicate autonomous navigation algorithm to embedded.

It fail if there is any mismatch between the time of the sensors.

P8650 provides time synchronization library between IMU, Barometer, Magnetometer, Images, and Velodyne Lidar.


CSI-2 MIPI Stereo Cameras

USB cameras has trouble with high latency, high processing CPU, and time synchronization issues due to its encoding and decoding process.

However, CSI-2 MIPI interface solves at ones.


High Performance MEMS IMU

P8650 has high performance MEMS IMU same as the latest Pixhawk 3 and 4 has.

Delicate calibration is needed to use MEMS IMU properly. Polaris3D supports elaborate calibration libraries to calibrate variety of parameters of IMU.





IMU(ICM20602) / Barometer(LPS22HB) / Magnetometer(HMC5883L)

FHD Stereo Camera(IMX291, 1080p@60) / Integrated Velodyne LiDAR Interface




90mm x 50mm x 40mm



150g(w/o Jetson), 250(w/ Jetson)



USB 2.0 (Micro B), 3.0 (Type C) / Micro HDMI / Micro SD Card / FAN Control



DC 12V


Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 90 × 50 × 40 mm